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Doggy Day Care?

This happened. Nothing like a true story to create awareness. Two chaps leave their house together like soldiers on the march. They are off to the corner store about five minutes’ walk away from the house to buy smokes and candy. And then it is off to the local alehouse for some fun and games. In the interim, the little Jack Russel slipped through the house’s gate and proceeded to follow his master. It would not have entered the man’s head to spend just this five minutes of his life taking the lad for his much needed walk.

For the time being, sad to be saying this, a dog care palm harbor fl clinic may only be taking care of the lucky ones. These are the lucky dogs whose owners actually give a damn. They bring their little fellers in for their annual checkups with the vet. And on those rare occasions when the dog’s gone and given itself a scrape, or swallowed something that made it green under the collar, its master has not wasted a moment in rushing the poor thing to the vet.

dog care palm harbor fl

The ballgame would just have to be wait. Or cancelled. Jack the lad is the priority. A man’s best friend is more important than booze and smoke-filled rooms. And time spent together between four paws and two-legged stouts is actually quite healthy, for both body and mind, for both creatures. In the meantime, the men have reached the corner store. While man one orders his takes, man two looks to the side. He sees the Jack Russel just standing there, wagging its tail. Asks man number two; isn’t this your dog.

Man number two bursts with rage and pelts said dog with a stone. Report this to the authorities if you are witness to such cruelty.