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The Trouble With Handling A Large Dog

Famous Russian writer, Anton Chekov once wrote a beautiful story about a lady and her dog. The dog that she was taking for walks in the park must have been small because after all, the lady was dainty and, well, ladylike. You could not imagine her handling a Great Dane or even a miniature terrier with the required dexterity and without getting her long dress all wet and her hair in a tizz. That’s the trouble with handling a big dog.

large dog day care leesburg va

You’ve got to be the right size to handle such great loads. But for such bighearted folks, there always seems to be other inconveniences. For instance, they can never take the great feller with on holidays. There is just simply no space for such magnificent breeds. And others simply won’t allow it. So, for their next annual vacation, they’d have to leave their large dogs at the large dog day care leesburg va center before they cross the state lines.

What else is there to do? What choice do they have? But if it is ‘day care’ then surely man’s best friend, quite a big chap really, will be alright while his master’s gone trout fishing. They must be pretty big over at the center to be able to handle those large dogs. Imagine that. Not just one big, big dog, but several running about the yard. And is this a large yard? Because as big as these chaps are, they need that space in which to stretch their long limbs. Flex their muscles in front of the other boys.

Or girls. And mark their territories. And that’s another thing, it’s pretty expensive running the biggest domestic show on earth. The amount of food these boys must chow every day.