Getting Your Dog To Sit When You’re Not There

Most dog owners are relatively pleased when they give the standard command and it promptly obeys. He looks at you intently. He is waiting in anticipation, and the moment you tell him to, he sits on his canine behind. And he never needed to be the cleverest dog in the world to know that this was what you were going to order him to do. Some would have thought that the poor mutt with reasonable intelligence could just as well have gone and sat and save its owner all the trouble.

But no. he would rather you give him the command. This is not mischief making. He knows you are in charge and there is nothing more that he enjoys than to see you pleased when he obeys you like the good dog you brought him up to be. But what if you are not there? Who is going to tell him to sit then? This is all figurative at this point because leaving the dog all alone is risky business indeed. It is not good for the dog’s welfare.

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But it simply cannot be helped. Most average, decent, hardworking folks have to go to work in the morning. The dog is obedient enough to manage on its own until you return. But what if you should have to go away at a stretch? Not to worry. Even if you are just going away for the weekend, get a dog sitting company redmond wa handler to come on over and babysit your dawg. Or better still, let’s take the dog for a quick drive and drop him off at the pet sitters.

Will he be sitting still? Don’t worry. He may miss you but he’ll be a good boy for as long as you are away.