Taking Care of Puppies

Alright, show of hands – who loves puppies? The people who aren’t raising their hands, well shame on you. For the rest of us, puppies are adorable and devoted companions that will follow us for the rest of our lives. They grow up alongside us, bond to us, and show us the joy in their innocent little eyes! It’s so cute!

But there are some tough problems that come with inviting puppies into your home, typically because they are like babies. They’ll explore, put things in their mouths, use the bathroom in all the wrong places, and generally cause mischief that’s disguised as play. When it comes to disciplining a puppy, think of it like getting angry at a toddler. It’s not going to get your message through and it’s also going to make the problem worse.

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So instead, when poodle puppies fresno track mud in the house, make a mental note to check their paws for debris when it rains outside. When your pug chews on the furniture, get him away from it and cover the furniture up before buying him a toy to tide him over. The problems puppies have can often be fixed by humans, as we teach them and they learn new rules around the house.

Be patient, and take the time to discipline and train your puppy well, and reward them when they demonstrate knowledge or show off a new skill. The more you show love to your puppy and treat it like a member of the family, the more it will grow to listen and respect you. If you have both young kids and a puppy, make it a good time for everyone to learn and teach a lesson in responsibility. Then, when the puppies grow up, they’ll become strong and loyal dogs for the house.